Tailored Tutoring at All Levels

We at PreK2PhD, are committed to providing elite-level, research-based, educational one-on-one tutoring services for all students, from preschool to doctoral level. We tailor each lesson plan to meet individual students’ needs, and upon completion of our programs, they will reach success by becoming stronger, more determined, and more confident in their abilities as students and all-around professionals.

My daughter had dreams of going to an elite boarding school. She was very motivated, but needed someone to guide her though the SSAT preparation. Luckily, I found PreK2PhD.

With limited time to prepare, the tutor assessed my daughter and identified her weakest areas. She worked tirelessly with my daughter and as a result, her score increased significantly helping to secure her acceptance into Deerfield Academy.

We are truly grateful to PreK2PhD for their support and highly recommend her services to anyone trying to get their kids into any of the top-notch boarding and private schools.

Our Mission Statement

PreK2PhD, LLC is committed to providing elite-level, research-based, educational services in order to optimize teaching and learning for all students at all levels.