Meet the Founder


Renata McFail, the founder, CEO, and brainchild behind PreK2PhD, is a true testament of our company motto.

Her passion for learning, leadership and innovation earned her several recognitions and awards throughout the years, and now, she is ready to inspire the next generation to achieve life-long academic and professional success.

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Our Approach

While other private tutoring and educational service companies are headed by business professionals that have ended up in the field of education by chance, PreK2PhD is the brainchild of a certified, experienced educator and professional student with a life-long passion for education.

PreK2PhD uses research-based, established curriculum for reading, but tailors each lesson plan to meet individual students’ needs. It is a reading program with a perfect combination of an established curriculum, individualized to maximize literacy outcomes for every student, using regular assessments to track their progress.

We come to our customer, work around their schedule, individualize tutoring and test preparation to fit the individual needs of our clients, and are even willing to coordinate with your child’s teachers and other school personnel to ensure that they are getting the best academic outcomes possible.

Our Story

PreK2PhD is the materialized vision of Renata McFail, one of a handful of highly trained and educated tutors in the business. Coming from a long line of professional educators, McFail found herself on the quest to join the educational elite from a very young age. In high school, her avid interest to learn Spanish drove her into an immersion experience that included living with a Spanish-speaking roommate and dedicating all of her television, music, and leisure reading time to be limited to only Spanish.

After reaching numerous accomplishments that go from graduating in the top 5% of her class at the renowned Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston, TX, and having a proven leadership record as a Spanish teacher, translator and interpreter; to being awarded a scholarship for academic excellence, and earning a master degree in Educational Administration, the future Dr. McFail (her ultimate goal) has now embarked upon a mission to share her wealth of knowledge with as many students and teachers as possible.  Her vision for PreK2PhD is to pass on her tried and true formulas for academic excellence on to others, one person at a time.