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2016 Was a significant year for the test makers of the SAT and ACT respectively. The number students who sat for the ACT increased substantially. This was due to the fact that the SAT went through a significant structural overhaul. As time has progressed, it does seem that there has been a gradual uptick in the number of SAT takers. This may be due to the fact that with the current iterations of both test the differences can be described as nuanced. The ACT is more influenced by time constraints, has a dedicated section to Science, and also includes Geometry in the Math section.


Most high school students take their first ACT test in their Junior year of high school; however, this should not be a hard and fast rule. 


We recommend that high school Juniors take the ACT in the Spring of their Junior year. This will allow students to get a semester of Algebra II under their belt. It is worth noting that a student’s semester course work, and course load should be taken into consideration. 


The ACT contains four sections that are contain multiple choice questions. The sections appear in the following sequential order: English test, Math test, Reading test, and the Science Test. There is also an optional essay section. 

English Test
The English Test is 45 minutes in duration with five reading passages and 75 multiple choice questions. While a majority of the questions test your ability to evaluate grammar, there are several questions that will test your ability to accurately recall and analyze information from the passages. 

Math Test 
The Math Test is 60 minutes in length and provides 60 multiple choice questions. Students are permitted to use a calculator. The questions types cover Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra I, and Algebra II. A 10 minute break follows the Math Test. 

Science Test
The Science Test contains 5 reading passages and 40 multiple choice questions to be answered in 35 minutes. Students will be evaluated on their ability to accurately recall information from the text as well as the ability to interpret graphs and charts. 

Optional Essay: 
The Optional essay is 40 minutes in duration. The optional essay will provide students with a reading passage and a prompt. Students are to write a persuasive essay clearing stating their thesis and reasoning for their position. 


The ISEE: The Standardized Test
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