Talented educators, entrepreneurial environments, and progressive growth.

Founded in 2014, PreK2PhD initially began as a small tutoring service in the College Station and Houston area. The success we see today is a result of dedicated and talented educators who collectively created progressive cultural environment that nurtured student learning. 
Why Talented Educators Love Us.

Flexible Hours 

We believe that our team members should have the ability to work when with our clients when they are the most productive and we work with clients and team members to put this into practice. 

A Team of Experts 

A virtual think tank with experts in test prep, K-12 admissions, and college admissions. Obtaining access to the most talents professionals is as easy as unlocking your phone.  

Creativity & Innovation 

A part of the cultural character that defines PreK2Phd is the promotion of collaboration that fosters innovation. We look for a diversity of personality types that when combined create a progressive atmosphere.  

Competitive Pay  

How do you reward talented tutors, and educational consultants? You can start by paying these innovative creatives competitive salaries.