College Admissions Consulting

Empowering students to actualize their true potential. 

You need comprehensive assistance from professional college admissions counselors that have a track record of success. Obtain guidance at any stage of their academic career to help them thrive and succeed. 

The college admissions process can be tedious and stressful to any parent. We want to mitigate these feelings by providing a structured pathway for students hone their skills and talents while striving for success in their academic pursuits. 

Your Journey Begins Here

Our college admissions consultation begins with a simple phone call. We want to know about each student's academic journey and unique background so that we can take the first steps in creating their individualized pathway to success.  

Freshman Level Consulting

The Freshman year is a strong indicator of how a student will perform academically throughout the rest of his/her high school academic career. A solid foundation is critical to success. We focus on the following:

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  • Academic Rigor - Our college admissions counselors will recommend a challenging, yet attainable Honors/Pre-AP track. 

  • Self Discovery - We encourage students to explore their strengths and interest through a variety of methods. A character profile is established to research careers of interest.

  • Assessments & Standardized Testing - It is essential to assess a student’s current academic capabilities to quickly identify and fix any potential deficits before they present a larger problem later.

  • Extracurricular - Finding the extracurricular activities that reflect a student’s interests and strengths is important however, finding extracurricular activities that add the most value to that student is critical.

Sophomore Level Consulting

Students mature, gain more of a sense of self identify, and expand their interpersonal relationships around their Sophomore year. This is the perfect year to establish the following:

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  • Career Goal Oriented Academic Pathway - We want students to delve deeper into discovering careers of interest. Based on a student’s desired interests and strengths, we will establish recommended coursework that will best prepare them.

  • Professional Relationships - Establishing positive interpersonal relationships with College/Career Counselors and teachers is a necessary component that we assist in establishing with students.

  • PSAT - We urge every Sophomore to commit to taking the PSAT. We have tutors available for PSAT Prep.

  • Researching Colleges - Compiling a short list of colleges is important at this stage. Completing this short list with the assistance of a counselor provides valuable insights and guidance.

  • Summer Programs - Whether it’s research or a pre-college Summer program, the Summer months must be used productively.

Junior Level Consulting

The Junior year is critical for college bound students. A student’s Junior year transcript will typically be the last full year college admissions committees will see. This is the opportune time for student’s to excel and showcase their talents.

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  • Academic Rigor - It’s vital that any academic difficulties are addressed at this point. We also urge students to begin taking their AP level coursework if they have not done so yet. Elective coursework should be selected based on a student’s career pathway.

  • College/Career Pathway - At this stage, students should start refining their list of colleges and career goals.

  • Standardized Test Prep - All students should take the PSAT in October. We strongly urge students to take part in our test prep to become as familiar as possible with the SAT/ACT.

  • Summer Programs - A variety of Summer programs are offered by colleges and universities. We make Summer program recommendations based on student career and college interests.

  • College Visits - College visits allowing students to become immersed in the atmosphere of their selected colleges and universities. It’s important for students to explore the choice schools first-hand.

Senior Level Consulting

The Summer before and the Fall of a student’s Senior year can feel a bit overwhelming; however, your college admissions counselor will walk you through every step of the way:

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  • Standardized Testing - The Summer months before the Senior year may also be utilized for test preparation and testing.

  • College Selections - Students will work with their counselors to narrow in on the colleges that they will apply to.

  • College Applications - The college admissions counselor will provide unique insights about the best strategies to utilize for the application process. A careful critique of each college application will also be done.

  • Scholarships - Students will also work with their college admissions counselors to obtain scholarships.

Try A Gap Year

We offer access to a number of programs that allow students time to explore the wider world, and to develop more incite and grown internally. Student's have the ability to hone almost any skillset that peaks their interest. Gap years can add unique value to students.

College Admissions Consulting

Reduce the stress and anxiety that is usually associated with college admissions. Contact us so that we can pair you with one of our college admissions counselors.