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Admissions Counselor

PreK2PhD is an educational consulting firm that empowers students to reach their optimal academic potential, navigates families through the school admissions process, and provides professional developments to disseminate the  practical applications of successful academic research. Our counselors highly regarded for their expertise an ability to guide students through the application process. Their strong interpersonal and organizational skills allow them to adequately listen to client concerns and communicates in a professional manner.  


We are dedicated to recruiting, retaining, and supporting admissions counselors who are not only masters in their content field, but also masters in their ability to communicate content knowledge in a one-on-one setting.


Admissions counselors must have masterful communication skills . Thy must communicate with clients and/or parental figures as well as tutors, and management personnel in regards to student needs and progression. All communication must be responded to within a 24 hour time period.


Admissions counselors are to provide insights and admissions strategies to students by creating individualized client plans and collaborate  with academic tutors, and other admissions consultants.

Admissions counselors must stay up to day with expert knowledge of the school curricula, extracurricular programs, Summer programs, and standardized testing in order to make recommendations regarding admissions recommendations and strategies.

Admissions counselors must utilize an in-depth knowledge of K-12 private schools, boarding schools, colleges, and universities in order to guide clients towards attainable school goals.


Admissions counselors must communicate weekly with admissions program management and other counselors have prior experience in the college and/or private school admissions process.


All Admissions counselors must have prior experience as a K-12 admissions counselor, college admissions counselor, or an admissions consultant.


All admissions counselors must have a Bachelor's degree. A Bachelor’s degree or higher in the field of Education is preferred.

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