Early Childhood Literacy

Educational Foundations Need To Be Set In Stone. 

The early development of literacy skills gives children the educational advantage that follows them throughout their academic years.
The Critical Components: Early Childhood Literacy

A dedicated investment into early childhood literacy pays of tremendously for students and parents alike. We utilize researched backed methodologies of developing a child's phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency. Without the development of these literacy skills it is difficult for children to develop strong reading comprehension skills.  


We urge every family to make early childhood literacy a priority. Research overwhelmingly indicates that early childhood literacy has an overall positive affect on a child's academic performance. Contact us so that we can provide your child with the skillset that will allow them to have the superior advantage.  

Phonological Awareness

Children need to be able to make out the unique sounds that up language. The ability discern the number of syllables in a word, or the ability to create rhyming words are all apart of phonological awareness. Phonological awareness is an essential part of literacy, and understanding language structure.  

Phonemic Awareness

A critical milestone in cognitive development for children occurs when they develop phonemic awareness. Simply put, phonemic awareness is a child's ability to understand that unqiue sounds are used together to create actual words.  


At this stage of development students begin to understand that he symbolic letters are used to represent unique sounds that are used in combination to create words. Understanding the relationship between letters, groups of letters, and their association with sounds to create meaningful words is essential to move on to reading fluency. 



Fluency is the ability of a child to clearly read words of text quickly, accurately, and with proper expression. At this stage, students should be able to read words and comprehend the meaning of the text. 


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