Educational Concierge Service

Safeguard your child's academic future  with our service.

Our most exclusive service that is offered no where else. Take advantage of one the most valuable services we have to offer. 
An All-In-One Service Only From Credentialed Educators

There is nothing more comforting than to have the council of an experienced educator right by your side. We work on your behalf as the intermediary between your child's school and you. Maintaining constant communication with teachers/administrators, establishing/attending parent-teacher conferences, academic tutoring, are just a few of the benefits provided with this service.

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Academic Tutoring

Get the academic assistance your child needs to maintain the advantage necessary to propel them to the top notch private school or college. 

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Extracurricular Recommendations 

With us, students have the ability to find that activity that showcases their talents and makes them stand out from the rest of the pack. 

Pencil and notepad

Test Preperation

Test preparation is essential for success with private school entrance examinations, as well as college entrance examinations. 


Private School/College Admissions Consulting

Do not go through this process alone. Obtain immediate assistance from our professionals so that your child can have a pathway to success. 


Parent/Teacher Liason

You need an advocate on your side that will ensure that everyone involved in your chid's education is actively engaged in their academic progress.  


School Supply Recommendations

Students need to obtain the tools necessary not only to compete, but excel. We provide you with access to the materials necessary to get ahead.

Educational Concierge Service

The liaison between you and your school and your family's own educational advocate. There is nothing better than having an extra pair of eyes and ears working on your behalf.