Find activities that display your leadership, passion, and commitment.

An extracurricular activity should demonstrate that you are purpose driven even outside of a formal academic setting.
Extracurricular Activity Question:
How can you significantly impact the world around you?

The term, "extracurricular activity," is usually thought of as the mere participation in a sport, after-school activity, or community service. This is actually an oversimplification. True and meaningful extracurricular activities are display of how you uniquely use your skills and talents to change the world around you. Your extracurricular activities are a manifestation of the intrinsic motivation you use to commit to a cause you find greater than yourself. Colleges want to know that their prospective students are purpose driven and have a track record of using their unique skillsets to create positive change. 


You have the ability to change the world around you. Share with us what makes you unique. We can help you explore your interests and empower you to be a catalyst for change.   

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Agricultural Research In Costa Rica

Interests: Agriculture, Science, Travel, Research, botonay 

It can be relatively difficult to get fruits and vegetables into major metropolitan areas. Explore the idea of researching the most effective means of producing a thriving agricultural operation with limited access to water, nutrients and space. 

Discover environmentally responsible methods of maintaining an animal husbandry operation. These independent study projects are excellent opportunities for growth and discovery. 

Sea Turtle Conservation

Interests: Ecology, Science, Travel, Conservation, Herpetology, Zoology

Take part in bringing endangered sea turtles back from the brink of extinction. Assist in conservation efforts to protect endangered sea turtles and their hatchlings by learning how critical the sea turtle is to our ecosystem, protecting their nesting areas, and raising community awareness about the environmental challenges that must be overcome to maintain these majestic creatures.


Spend your Summer months and your time outside of school making the most impactful changes on the world around you. Explore potential new interests and discover new skills and talents.