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Increase Your ISEE Scores and Put The Odds In Your Favor

Undoubtably, the ISEE has a reputation that precedes itself. The difficulty of the test is based on the notion that there's no way to actually prepare in the short-term for the ISEE because the content questions are comprehensive in nature. This notion is indeed true. The ISEE test focuses on the fundamental academic skills that students acquire and apply during the course of their academic career. It takes time and consistency to strengthen math processing skills  and vocabulary, as well as reading comprehension. We have successfully opened doors for students to obtain highly competitive ISEE scores, and also enter the most prestigious private schools. It is now your turn to chart your path to success.  

The ISEE: Levels

The ISEE has 4 different levels: Primary, Lower, Middle, and Upper. Students entering grades 2-4 sit for the Primary Level test, students entering grades 5-6 sit for the Lower Level test, students entering grades 7-8 sit for the Middle Level test, and students entering 9-12 sit for the Upper Level test. 

Primary Level

Grades 2-4

Lower Level

Grades 5-6

Middle Level

Grades 7-8

Upper Level

Grades 9-12

The ISEE: When To Test

The ISEE can be taken once every four months. Students have the option of sitting for the Fall session (August - November), Winter session (December - March), and the Spring-Summer Session (April - July). 

The ISEE: The Structure

The ISEE test is composed of five sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematics achievement and an essay. Each level of the ISEE has it's own number of questions and allotted time frames for the completion of each section.

The ISEE: The Standardized Test
Let go of the anxiety that comes with standardized testing and become empowered by reaching out to our team. We have a track record of success and we would like to be one of our success stories. 

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