Mathematics & Statistics

 Increase your math skills with our assistance. 

We receive many inquires regarding math at every level, which is why we carefully personalize our lessons according to each student’s learning style, and personal needs.
Mathematics & Statistics At A Glance

Our teaching method is adapted to Singapore math curriculum which teaches students to master mathematical concepts using a hands-on three-step process. For college level mathematics, we offer tutoring in statistics and tutor students enrolled in AP math courses.

Help your child reach his/her full potential by letting them know that you were in their shoes once, and that you understand the need for the extra support of a dedicated tutor who will keep them motivated to reach academic success. PreK2PhD is all they need to get to that next level of excellence.

Online Tutoring

Online  access anywhere for a one-on-one tutoring session with the most knowledgeable instructors.

Educational Concierge Services

Tutoring, test prep, private school & college admissions consulting, parent/teacher liaison. The complete educational package.

In-Home Tutoring

Convenience and comfortability. Less stress and less places to navigate to. We meet you in the comfort of your own home.