PreK-12 Admissions

Get into the right school. 

Private school, boarding school, or even enrolling in your local school districts gifted and talented program can be an achievable goal. With our help, we can make your goals more attainable.    
The Four Critical Steps In K-12 Admissions

Embarking upon the K-12 admissions process can be a daunting task. Do not go at it alone. Utilize our years of experience of placing students in such schools as St. John's, The Kinkaid School, Deerfield Academy, and the Duchesne Academy of The Sacred Heart to assist you. We implement a four step plan that will provide the best time frame for your child to enter your school of choice.  

  • Compile a list of schools that you would like your child/children to attend. The list should include no less than five schools. Take into consideration the following:

    • The School Location 

    • Your Child's Career Pathway

    • Your Child's Academic Track Record

  • Contact us. We will preliminary assess your child based on your desired list, report card grades, and other academic indicators. A time frame and a plan of action will be prescribed to attain maximum results. 

  • It's critical that parents and students alike follow the plan we have established. During step three students will engage is the following: 

    • Formal/Informal school visits

    • Rigorous test prep

    • Complete the school application process

    • Increase/Maintain excellent academic performance 

  • After schools have reviewed and responded to your child's application it is important to compile the acceptance letters and evaluate each school based on the needs of your child. It is important to build a strong relationship with your school of choice and to continue to increase academic rigor to ease your child's transition. 

PreK-12 Admissions

PreK-12 Admissions counseling provides your family with an experienced educational consultant that will guide you every step of the way through the private school admissions process.

PreK2PhD is not endorsed by, or is PreK2PhD associated with St. John's, The Kinkaid School, Deerfield Academy, and the Duchesne Academy of The Sacred Heart.

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