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You have decided to pursue boarding school for your child and you should be lauded for this pivotal decision. Leverage and time and expertise by utilizing our services to assist your child with the SSAT
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The preparation for the SSAT is understandably difficult for students and parents alike; however, with our guidance, students have the ability to drastically improve their scores. We take a data driven, problem solving approach to increase student test scores and chart out a plan of success based on the time frame students have for enrolling into their boarding school/private school. 

The SSAT: Levels

The SSAT is composed of three different levels: Elementary, Middle, and Upper. The Elementary Level SSAT is meant for students who are applying for admissions to enter 4th and 5th grades. The Middle Level SSAT is meant for students who are applying for admissions to enter the 6th through 8th grades. The Upper Level SSAT is meant for students who are applying for admissions to enter the 9th grade and up. 

The SSAT: When To Test

We urge parents and students to visit the SSAT website for real-time test registration information. The SSAT is offered eight Saturdays during the testing year. The SSAT also offers an SSAT Flex Test that can be given outside of the testing dates for the Standard SSAT. 

The SSAT: The Structure

Even though the SSAT has three different levels, the general structure of the SSAT is the same. The testing format is composed of six sections: a writing sample, two quantitative sections, reading, verbal, and experimental. The experimental section does not count towards the student score and has a mix of math and reading related questions. 

The SSAT: The Standardized Test
Let go of the anxiety that comes with standardized testing and become empowered by reaching out to our team. We have a track record of success and we would like to be one of our success stories. 

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