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The ISEE is an acronym for the Independent School Entrance Examination. Parents who wish for their child(ren) to gain admissions to private middle schools and high schools must have competative scores.

Similar to the ISEE, the SSAT is a standardized test that may private middle schools and high schools use as a qualification for entrance. 

The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is taken annually each October for Sophomores and Juniors. 

The Scholastic Aptitude Test serves as one of the two standardized test utilized by Colleges and Universities admissions committees to evaluate prospective college freshmen. 

The ACT is one of two standardized test used by college admissions committees to evaluate the college readiness of prospective college Freshmen. 

Undergraduate students who wish to pursue graduate school may have to take and score competitively on the GRE.